Moon DNA in the Spotlight

Moon DNA in the Spotlight

Last week I glanced down at my phone and saw a notification that Fratello Watches had posted pictures of our Moon DNA Strap on Instagram, my heart truly skipped a beat. 

When I looked closer and understood that they had also written an extensive review of the strap I was blown away! Why this reaction you might ask? Let me explain; Ever since I got infected by the wristwatch bugg some 20 years ago, I have always dreamt about some day working in, or close to the watch industry. So to be recognized by a Speedy-Grandmaster like Robert-Jan Broer was a mental confirmation that I made it. 

You can read the full article on Fratello Watches here.

So happy that we finally got around to launch REM Straps and the Moon DNA. We have a lot of exiting straps coming in the next few months. Hope to be on your wrist soon!