Celebrating the iconic Alpinist!

Celebrating the iconic Alpinist!

From a historical point of view, the SARB017 is far from the first Alpinist. But it surely is the one that caught the attention of the masses. Back in 2006 when it was first released the watch was one of the first to ride the “Green Wave”. Since then almost every brand has released dials in shades of green. This particular one, with it’s sunburst forest green hues is one om my favorites. For many the SARB017 ticks all the boxes and truly is an affordable icon.

Since it was discontinued the Alpinist series made its return in the Prospex range in several shades and forms. In the beginning there was some grunting among the puritans but I think it’s fair to say that the new incarnations has found their place in the hearts of many watch fanatics.

The Yama-otoko watch strap pays tribute to the this fantastic watch.

The straps engraving is filed with white paint, to symbolize the snow covered mountain slopes of Japan. Choose a combination of leather dye and stitching to match your Alpinists dial.

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